It’s all about stories.

The Said Poets Society runs performance poetry workshops for young people in Western Australia. We empower youth to make change in the world around them, one story at a time.

Stories shape reality as much as reality shapes stories. The way we understand the world affects how we think we can and should act in it. The Said Poets team helps young people develop the creative and critical skills they need to work out what stories they’re being told about themselves and the world. Then, we invest in their stories, helping them craft and perform their very own original poems with confidence.

We're super flexible.

Our workshops are really simple: we help youth write and perform poems. We love showing off our poetry and then getting young people to create their own, but how much time it takes is up to you. We run workshops as short as one school period or as long as half a day, and we’re happy to tailor each session to suit your needs.

Our Team.
Matt Norman, Founder and Director
Ben Fincham-de Groot, Director
Athena Meyer, Liaison Officer
Lachy Spears, Marketing Officer
Sam Needs, Workshop Facilitator
Dimitri Mastrantonis, Workshop Facilitator
Zainab Syed, Workshop Facilitator
Jesse Garlick, Workshop Facilitator

Contact Us

Have a question? Feel free to contact us at! If it’s urgent, please call Matt on 0411 868 925.

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